Membership Information



A&K Skill Development has introduced a membership program. The program is optional and cost $25.00 per month. Membership features include access to discounted session packages, online training rates, free Saturday shooting machine times, Saturday scrimmages and more! Also, this membership is required to retain any remaining sessions from a month-to-month basis. Foregoing the membership means you understand any unused sessions will not be carried over to the next month. Billing occurs once per month. To sign up for a membership follow the steps below:

1. Download our application in your app store titled, “A&K Skill Development”.
2. Create a profile including your name, email, and phone number.
3. Upload an active credit/debit card into your profile under the tab titled, “Cards”.
4. Text 814-273-9699‬ or email the name your account is registered under, and you would like to start the Attitude & Knowledge membership.
5. Once your membership is charged, you will receive a text message receipt confirmation.

6. To cancel at any time, text 814-273-9699‬ or email the name your account is registered under, and you would like to cancel your membership.


If you have any questions regarding membership, please call (814)-273-9699 or email

Membership Benefits

Discounted Pricing

  • $30.00 per session Members or $150.00 for 5 sessions/ $40.00 Non-members or $200 for 5 sessions
  • Online Trainer 4 week program (Member vs. Non-member) 
    • $50 Members / $80 Non-members
  • Complete Online Trainer program (Member vs. Non-member)
    • 2 workouts All-Star Workouts - $200 members / $240 Non-Members
    • 5 workouts MVP Workouts - $400 Members / $480 Non-Members
  • Apparel Discounts (10% discounts)

Saturday Open Gyms

  • 9:00am-12:00pm
  • Shooting gun access, lesson with trainer, pick-up games 

Session Retainment

  • Month to month, clients will be allowed to retain their sessions 

Online Training 

  • Clients will receive 2 check-ins once they sign up for the online trainer and complete their introduction evaluation
Terms of Agreement

Online Training

To get started your player will complete an evaluation which includes skill testing drills and a consultation questionnaire. This aids us in understanding your goals, circumstances, and workout preferences. A curriculum grade will be assigned, which we track your progress. 

Once completed, the player is provided with a customized plan that they can conduct at home or at a facility of their choice.

For accountability players are required to record and submit videos of themselves so their A&K Skill Development Certified Coach can guide them through the program correctly and efficiently. Detailed feedback will be provided and tracked using the TRUECOACH APP.

Your A&K Skill Development online training program includes frequent check-in forms and unlimited daily messaging support. It also includes a compliance tracker to help us keep you accountable.

Like the motto of our program, (Attitude + Knowledge), we understand that basketball isn’t the only way to be successful. We are committed to creating well rounded people by creating custom personal development goals such as: drinking more water and/or completing all homework.

Online Training FAQs


Get a free week of online training by filling out your consultation questionnaire.


Simplify Your Training by Scheduling & Paying from your phone.

  • Our app lets you book and pay in a few taps.
  • Check availability and reserve a time slot that fits your schedule.
  • Use your card on file to quickly and securely pay for your service and tip so you never need cash on hand.

What Makes us Different

We offer tailor-made sessions for individuals, small groups, and teams; these sessions are focused on teaching children the fundamentals of basketball, as well as integral life traits throughout the process. We use our passion, experience, and knowledge to prepare kids’ minds and bodies for the highest level of success.

Our Mission

A&K Skill Development stands for attitude and knowledge. As a dedicated sports training company, we take great pride in our services knowing a great deal can be learned from sports, and we would like to pay that forward to future generations.

Our Vision

At A&K, we aim to develop our clients holistically using our knowledge and passion for the game of basketball. Our program demands the highest standard of behavior from members throughout the organization; this starts with our staff and resonates with our players.


Thank you for your interest in A&K Skill Development. We have worked with numerous children and families that have all described our services as exceptional while recommending us to friends. We hope that yours will be next.


‪(814) 273-9699‬
4814 Iroquois Ave,
ERIE, PA. 16511