Basketball Training Sessions in Erie, Pa.

Bring the Attitude. We’ll provide the knowledge.

Our Training Philosophy

Whether your child is looking to make a school team or improve alongside a group of friends, A&K Skill Development is the place for them. Our personalized skill sessions give each child the advantage they need to reach their highest potential. We offer training sessions year-round for players regardless of experience level. A&K’s ultimate goal is to provide an opportunity for young athletes to boost their performance, confidence, and discipline early on, with measurable improvements observed during each session.


Why is Training Important?

Why is Training Important?
A&K offers training sessions because we want to develop not only athletic skills, but character and leadership through a game we love. It is important to us that we expose players to opportunities both on and off the court, leaving them with core values that they will use throughout their lives.  

What Do Our Training Sessions Look Like?
When our players get to the gym, we find a proper warmup is more likely to prevent injuries. After sending the players off with their coaches for a high-performance work out, we focus on individual skill-based training. This is ultimately what helps each player maximize their potential on the court.

Basketball Training for Young Adults & Kids in Erie, Pa.

Who We Train:

  • Ages 6-18 
  • Grades 3-12

At A&K, players do not need to be skilled or have previous experience to start learning. Our training curriculum is based upon a foundation of having fun; this is especially true when teaching players between the ages of six and nine. It is important to us that our methods stay dynamic to keep kids interested in the game and enjoying their time with us. Once a player has those foundational skills, we can then enhance our teachings to simulate game-like decisions. 

What to Expect at Training Sessions
Each participant should arrive at the facility no earlier than 10 minutes prior to their start time. The player is allowed to shoot around before we start our warmup. Warmups range between five and seven minutes; this time frame ensures we create an injury-free environment. Participants are then sent to their assigned coach to begin the individualized session. After participants progress through their program, they will be paired with other players of similar skill levels. This will allow the players to envision and practice how to utilize their skills in actual game-like scenarios.


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What Makes us Different

We offer tailor-made sessions for individuals, small groups, and teams; these sessions are focused on teaching children the fundamentals of basketball, as well as integral life traits throughout the process. We use our passion, experience, and knowledge to prepare kids’ minds and bodies for the highest level of success.

Our Mission

A&K Skill Development stands for attitude and knowledge. As a dedicated sports training company, we take great pride in our services knowing a great deal can be learned from sports, and we would like to pay that forward to future generations.

Our Vision

At A&K, we aim to develop our clients holistically using our knowledge and passion for the game of basketball. Our program demands the highest standard of behavior from members throughout the organization; this starts with our staff and resonates with our players.


Thank you for your interest in A&K Skill Development. We have worked with numerous children and families that have all described our services as exceptional while recommending us to friends. We hope that yours will be next.


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