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At A&K Skill Development, we take pride in our basketball training services and the relationships we build with players and families.

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Player Testimonial

"A&K’s motto is, “You provide the attitude and we’ll provide the knowledge.” They have more than exceeded that for me. There have been days where they have brought the attitude for me and set the tempo to push me. If this doesn’t show how above and beyond they’ll go for the kids, nothing will. A&K has made me more than ready for the next level and there is still more they are teaching me. They have helped me in more ways than one on and off the basketball court. I would not trade the workouts I have had at A&K for anything."

~ A&K Player


"A&K will make your child the player they dream of! These exceptional trainers have the knowledge and expertise that has led my child to improve with every session not only physically, but mentally. I know because this training has helped my child continue their dream of playing in college. Thank you A&K!!!!"

~ A&K Parent

What Makes us Different

We offer tailor-made sessions for individuals, small groups, and teams; these sessions are focused on teaching children the fundamentals of basketball, as well as integral life traits throughout the process. We use our passion, experience, and knowledge to prepare kids’ minds and bodies for the highest level of success.

Our Mission

A&K Skill Development stands for attitude and knowledge. As a dedicated sports training company, we take great pride in our services knowing a great deal can be learned from sports, and we would like to pay that forward to future generations.

Our Vision

At A&K, we aim to develop our clients holistically using our knowledge and passion for the game of basketball. Our program demands the highest standard of behavior from members throughout the organization; this starts with our staff and resonates with our players.


Thank you for your interest in A&K Skill Development. We have worked with numerous children and families that have all described our services as exceptional while recommending us to friends. We hope that yours will be next.


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