Erie Basketball AAU Travel Team


AAU Travel Team

A&K Skill Development is excited to commence our second competitive travel basketball season. Our team, “A&K Select,” will feature top talent from grades nine and ten. Our program is unique to others based on the knowledge and playing experiences of our coaches. A&K Select was created to specifically give individual players a transformative basketball experience. The practices, games, and coaching facilitated by A&K will aid each participant in strengthening their skills and successfully showcasing their talents on and off the court.

Because our program is dedicated to player improvement, A&K Select requires all team members to attend mandatory practices at least twice a week for the duration of the season. The presence of each team member is crucial as it helps establish team chemistry and sets the foundation for a familial culture. All A&K Select members will be challenged to push their mental and physical capacities; this includes coaches. Why? Because we are a family, and families go through it together.

 “Family isn’t always blood. It’s the people in your life who want you to be the best version of you; the ones who accept you for who you are and inspire you to be great.”

Players and parents looking to join our organization should understand that teamwork, perseverance, and hard work are the goals, while winning will be the outcome.

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Tournament Schedule

March 25-27: (Pittsburgh, PA) Western PA March Madness

April 1-4: (Cincinnati, OH) Bearcat Classic

April 15-18: (Indianapolis, IN) Spring Frenzy

May 6-8: (Erie, PA) A1 Exposure & Shoot the Rock Classic

May 13-15: (Manheim, PA) Zero Gravity Coaches Vs. Cancer

June 4-5: (Ocean City, Maryland) Battle @ The Beach


Player Expectations

Practices will be held at least two, if not three, times a week. Practices and games will be mandatory. We hold our program to a high standard for the benefit of our players and we expect players to respect it as such. Players are also expected to show up on time for practice with the proper equipment. Failure to comply with these expectations can result in consequences.

Parent Expectations

Our program expects parents to behave in an appropriate manner at all times, especially when on trips. We will not accept parents speaking or behaving inappropriately as a part of our team. We expect parents to meet payment deadlines and commit to the team in full; any parent who does not meet these expectations will be asked to leave.

Cancellation Policy

At A&K Skill Development, we have a 48-hour cancellation policy. If there is a cancellation within 48-hours, A&K Skill Development reserves the right to treat every case on an individual basis.

Covid Protocols

We ask that all guests remain masked upon entry to the facility and through the duration of the session. Players are allowed to remove their mask as they drink water during the breaks of their session. We try to reduce the amount of time guests interact so we space our seating areas throughout the facilities.


A&K encourages our guests to stay and watch their participants during the hour-long session. As a spectator, you are able to ask clarifying questions to our trainers following each session. We appreciate spectators as they commonly help spread the word regarding our program and the attention to detail that we value during each session.


Payment will be expected prior to the client receiving their session. If payment is not fulfilled prior to this the client will not be trained. Failure to comply with any of these mandates could result in dismissal from the facility or the program.


Basketball AAU Travel Team Tryouts in Erie, Pa.


A&K Select will feature two travel teams consisting of ninth and tenth graders, respectively. Participants may play for either team if they are in the appropriate grade or below. Practices will begin the week immediately following tryouts.

Travel Team Cost & Investment

The cost to each player will be announced to those that make the final team.

Pricing will include:

  • Full A&K Select Jersey and Shorts
  • A&K Select Bag
  • Entry into five (5) guaranteed tournaments with the possibility of two (2) additional


For more information, additional questions may be directed at A’Darius Porter, 770-316-2767.

What Makes us Different

We offer tailor-made sessions for individuals, small groups, and teams; these sessions are focused on teaching children the fundamentals of basketball, as well as integral life traits throughout the process. We use our passion, experience, and knowledge to prepare kids’ minds and bodies for the highest level of success.

Our Mission

A&K Skill Development stands for attitude and knowledge. As a dedicated sports training company, we take great pride in our services knowing a great deal can be learned from sports, and we would like to pay that forward to future generations.

Our Vision

At A&K, we aim to develop our clients holistically using our knowledge and passion for the game of basketball. Our program demands the highest standard of behavior from members throughout the organization; this starts with our staff and resonates with our players.


Thank you for your interest in A&K Skill Development. We have worked with numerous children and families that have all described our services as exceptional while recommending us to friends. We hope that yours will be next.


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